Summer can be the enemy of the school teachers. Students tend to forget their fundamental skills. They stop reading, writing, and solving mathematical problems. That is why, we in KCA would like to enhance the students’ fundamentals and rekindle their love for learning.

KCA welcomes you to our one-week Summer Program entitled, “Summer Iscool” that will be held on August 3 – 7, 2020. Below are the courses we will be offering:

• Developmental Reading for English and Filipino (Preschool to Grade 1)
• Little Programmer: Coding Program (Grades 4 – 7)
• MS Office Training: PowerPoint (Grades 4 – 10)
• MS Office Training: Excel (Grade 4-10)
• Learning and Enhancing Painting Skills using Watercolor (Grade 1 to 6)
• Mathematics Enrichment Program (Grade 7 – 10)
• English Enrichment Program (Grade 7 – 10)
• Theater Arts Workshop (ALL levels)

This summer program will be offered for FREE to all Kerussians and open to Non-Kerussians with minimal fee. We offer limited slots per course. Thus, the enrollment will only be open until July 31, 2020. Kindly, click the link below to register your child.

For Kerussians:

For Non-Kerussians: