“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

These are the words of the LORD taken from Mark 12:31 (NLT). Taking care of ourselves and others is an intentional way to express our love to ourselves and others; ergo, we are abiding the second most important command of the LORD.

KCA Celebrated Nutrition Month with fun and creativity as we advocate for the aforementioned command.

With the theme, “Think Talk! Katawa’y Igalaw, Maging Aktibo; Labanan ang COVID-19, Kumain nang Wasto,” Kerussians actively participated in different activities such as Online Zumba, Infomercial, and Skit Creation. Through these activities, the students learned the importance of taking care of our mental health and other ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Students also had their “Pinggang Pinoy” that showed their creativity in Food Art Presentation.

Truly, nothing is impossible even in the new norm and nothing will be too hard whenever school and home collaborate towards a common goal for students’ success. With these, we wholeheartedly express our gratitude and appreciation to the EVER SUPPORTIVE kerussian parents.

Keep in mind; stay connected with the LORD, be healthy, be productive, and find joy in the little things that matter most.

‘Til our next event and activity Kerussians!
Praise be to our mighty GOD.