Kerusso Christian Academy will be holding its Summer Workshop Program on June 3-7, 2019. This one week summer workshop program is comprises of nine (9) programs that focuses on different fields of learning. These workshops will cater different levels and different ages where students will learn and have fun at the same time. These workshops are open for students from ages 5 – 16.

The programs are as follow:
1. Developmental Reading for English and Filipino
Course Description:
A short course that aims to prepare students in reading both in English and Filipino language with comprehension and understanding. This also envision its learners to be equipped and ready in entering Grade School.

2. Learning Grammar and Composition
Course Description:
A short course that aims to enhance student’s English grammar and composition skills. This also envisions its learners to be able to compose their own literary pieces applying the elements of the skills. This will also help the students be confident enough in public speaking.

3. Recreational Mathematics
Course Description:
A short course that aims to develop formative skills in Mathematics such as pattern discovery, trial and error, logical reasoning, narrowing down of choices, and the process of elimination that will enable each learner to perform problem solving activities through the use of sudoku puzzle.

4. Special Intelligent Mental Arithmetic
Course Description:
A short course that aims to develop the mathematical and critical thinking skills of the learners with the use of patented abacus. Also, enhance learners’ mental mathematics skill.

5. Learning and Enhancing Painting Skills
Course Description:
A short course that aims to develop the fundamental skills on both basic drawing and painting that includes brush strokes, color combination, and shadings using different mediums.

6. Special Robotics
Course Description:
A short course that showcases the four C’s of 21st century skills which are: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. It will also engage the learners to basic and advance application of technology through programming and building mini prototype machines and wheeled robots.

7. Calligraphy 101
Course Description
This course aims to familiarize students with the key techniques for learning calligraphy. Studying calligraphy is as much a physical as a mental exercise, which in its initial stages aim more at the control of breathing and posture, and movement of the body, shoulder, arm and hand. The written characters were the result of achieving a certain balance. This is a skills-oriented course which acquaints students with the characteristics of the letters, focusing on the basic strokes and forms of a letter. Students will learn to sit and to concentrate on the movement of the brush. The emphasis is on the techniques, methods and practice of brush writing.

8. The Art of Cooking
Course Description:
A short course that is designed to further students’ knowledge of the fundamental perceptions, skills, and techniques involved in cookery.

9. Water Safety and Basic Swimming.
Course Description:
This program is to build endurance, muscle strength, provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all of yours muscles are used and increase knowledge of water safety and practices, demonstrate step-in entry and exit, rhythmic breathing, become familiar with alternating arm action, and move comfortably through the water.

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